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Beechwoods Nature Reserve is a small yet impressive wood of majestic beech trees. It is free to visit and accessible to the public all year round. Perfect for a stroll or to experience a quiet moment of calm.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • regularly getting outside and in the natural world has been proven to reduce stress levels;
  • a brisk walk improves concentration, mood and fitness;
  • it is a peaceful place to take a breath and feel calm.

What to expect

Planted in the 1840s,  the original beech trees are all mature, creating a nature reserve that feels much bigger and more secluded than it actually is.

There are information panels on site so you can find out more about the history of the woods, as well as the plant, bird and animal species you might see there.

More information

You can park for free in a large layby on Worts Causeway (but it’s a fast road with poor visibility so take care crossing it to get to the wood), and there are bike racks at the entrance.

The site can get muddy so bring walking boots or wellies if it has been raining. It is also recommended not to visit in high winds. If you are planning a long visit, bring drinks and snacks (and binoculars for bird spotting). Campfires and BBQs are not allowed. There is no visitor centre, cafe, shop or public toilet.

‘Kissing gates’ at the entrance to the site mean it is not easy to access for pushchairs or wheelchair users.

The woods are open all day, every day.

Visiting Beechwoods is free, however donations to the Trust are welcome.

Beechwoods is a nature reserve managed by The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire – to visit more reserves in the area visit the website.

Banner photo by Rebecca Neal.





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Where to go

Beechwoods Nature Reserve
Great Shelford
CB22 3FB

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