Cambourne Balkan Dance Club

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Every week, amateur dancers of all nationalities, ages and abilities gather in Cambourne to practice the lively, celebratory folk dances of the Balkan region of South Eastern Europe. You don't have to live in Cambourne to take part - everyone is welcome!

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • dance is fantastic physical activity;
  • it is a great way to meet new people;
  • learning or improving a skill is satisfying – and great fun!


What to expect

Open to all ages and abilities, this friendly dance group celebrates and shares Balkan folk dance, mainly the traditional dances of Greece and Bulgaria. These dances are traditionally performed at weddings and other festivities, and dancers either form lines or a closed circle. Dances are energetic, communal and fun.

The group meets on a Sunday afternoon (find out times here), and starts with easy dances with basic steps for beginners. After an hour and a break, the dances speed up and become more complex for intermediate level dancers.

You don’t need to book ahead to take part, you can just turn up wearing comfortable clothes and shoes and join in. If you have any questions, you can email the group organisers.

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There is a small charge per session.


How to contact


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Where to go

Cambourne Balkan Dance Club
The Blue School
Cambourne CB23 6DZ

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