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Girl On a Rock offers yoga classes in Dry Drayton. Emma's approach encourages people to work to their own abilities, finding confidence in what their bodies can do. She believes yoga is for everyone and nurtures a safe, welcoming environment for her students.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • gentle movements and extensions help to improve joint mobility and strength;
  • focussing on the practice and your breathing can bring about a sense of calm – people also report improved concentration and a more positive outlook in general after yoga;
  • group classes create an opportunity for social interaction – this interaction can be good for our wellbeing, creating a sense of belonging.

“When I went to my first yoga class I was worried that I wouldn’t be flexible enough or able to keep up but I soon learnt that it’s something you can do at your own pace. Now, I look forward to every class and leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and  a bit more motivated for other aspects of my life.”

What to expect

When you arrive, Emma will greet you and, once everyone is settled, the class will begin. You should take a yoga mat if you have one. Emma does have a few spares available to borrow but you’ll need to let her know if that’s the case. It is a good idea to take a water bottle too and some people choose to take a small cushion and blanket for relaxing at the end of class. Wear comfortable clothing.

More information

On the website you can find out about Emma, the special events she has planned and learn about her range of products made using essential oils.

An up-to-date timetable and class bookings can be found on this link.

There is a cost for attending classes which is payable when you book online. If you find paying and booking online a challenge you can contact Emma to discuss alternatives.

How to contact

Where to go

Dry Drayton Village Hall
23 High Street
Dry Drayton
Cambridge CB23 8BS

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