Great Shelford Village Charity Allotments & Green Space

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Great Shelford Village Charity supports affordable almshouses, allotments, green space and good causes in the village.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • getting outside is energising;
  • growing your own fruit and vegetables is satisfying and eating fresh good is good for health;
  • walking and running outdoors is great exercise – as is digging!

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Great Shelford Village Charity provides 37 allotments for Great Shelford residents who pay a nominal annual fee. The allotments are a mix of large (22x6m) and small (11x6m) plots. If you’d like to apply for an allotment, there’s a form to complete on this link.

Green space

The Charity owns two fields, some 6 acres, adjacent to the new almshouse development. Publicly accessible, these fields are managed for recreation and conservation, with allotments, footpaths, benches and views towards Cambridge and the chalkland of the Gog Magog Hills. There is a community garden and orchard, and a wheelchair accessible path alongside raised planting beds.

This land is open to all and there are three points of access: at the end of Bridge Close / More’s Meadow, at the end of The Hectare, and via the railway footbridge. The Hectare entrance is designed for wheelchair access.

Allotment holders pay an annual fee.

Visiting the green space is free.

There’s more information about the Charity’s alms houses and grants on this link.

How to contact

Where to go

The Hectare
Great Shelford
Cambridge CB22 5UT

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