Hardwick Colour Wheel

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The Hardwick Colour Wheel group meets every two weeks for mindful colouring and quiet chat - a tranquil time to connect with oneself and to others. You don't have to be a resident of Hardwick to attend - everyone will receive a warm welcome.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • you will produce something beautiful that can be kept or given to family and friends;
  • it is a friendly group but there is no pressure to chat;
  • colouring is a great way to focus on something – many find it relaxing and meditative.

‘This group has been a God-send; I’ve met such lovely people – it’s the one thing I go to regularly since moving to Hardwick.’

What to expect

Hardwick Colour Wheel was founded by Nicky Kerr as a way of helping people to connect with each other. It is a happy, relaxed group that meets every two weeks (check the Facebook link or email Nicky for dates). There are refreshments half way through the session.

You can bring your own pens and colouring projects, or Nicky has plenty to choose from. There is a mix of ages and abilities who attend the group, and you can come and go as you like – there’s no pressure to stay for the whole session. You don’t need to book ahead – you can just turn up, take a seat and lose yourself in the tranquil art of colouring to soft music and quiet chat.

The Cabin at St Mary’s Church has ample free parking as well as accessible toilets.

This activity is free but  a small donation to cover costs is very welcome.




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Where to go

St Mary's Church

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