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Healthwatch Cambridgeshire is your local health and social care champion. They make sure NHS leaders and other decision makers hear your voice and use your feedback to improve care. You can volunteer with them to listen to the experiences of people in your community.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • you can meet other people and share your ideas and enthusiasm for improving local health and care services;
  • you can learn new skills like research, listening skills and helping with report writing;
  • you can give as much time as you want – from five minutes to tell them about an experience, to going along to their regular Health and Care Forums or even volunteering to help with projects such as visiting care settings to talk to the people who use them.

“Over the last year, I’ve sat in on an interview panel, talked to people about their experiences for the Leaving Hospital Report and helped make a video about online meetings.”



Healthwatch volunteers play a vital role in helping people have their say on health and social care. As a volunteer, you will help Healthwatch listen to the experiences of local people and understand what care is like for them — especially those whose voices aren’t always heard.

You’ll get to meet new people and develop skills and insights into health and care services. Opportunities include:
• Community Listener
• Independent member on a social care Partnership Board

Healthwatch offer full training and support. Find out more on their website.

  • All public events are free to enter – including regular Health and Care Forums and workshops. Volunteering is open to anyone and they pay reasonable out of pocket expenses.
  • Their information service is also free and independent from the NHS and social care.

Additional information:

  • Healthwatch can also help you find out information about local services including what to do if you need help.
  • Healthwatch champion what matters to your community and work with others to find ideas that work. They are independent and committed to making the biggest difference to you.
  • See the HAY page for more information about Healthwatch’s work.

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