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A group that meets every month over coffee to share memories, make new friends and meet old ones. You don't have to live in Histon or Impington to take part.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • these groups are a good way to meet people with similar experiences;
  • it is a safe and supportive space for those living with memory loss or dementia;
  • it’s enjoyable to remember old times.

What to expect

A friendly group led by Paul from HI Friends to share memories of sports, arts, the village, childhood – a lovely opportunity to make new friends and meet old ones.

More information

The group meets at Tawa Lounge (a local restaurant) which is wheelchair accessible and has parking.

To attend sessions, contact Paul on 07772 437789 – he can let you know dates/times. Depending on where you live, he can also arrange transport via the Community Minibus.

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Attending the group is free but you will be charged for any refreshments you order.

This activity is organised by HI Friends.

How to contact

Where to go

Tawa Lounge
The Green

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