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The Bujinkan Shizen Dojo in Histon trains adults in an ancient Japanese martial art, led by a qualified instructor. There's no competition and everyone trains at their own pace. Beginners welcome - no prior martial arts experience required.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • you will learn to look at self-defence in an holistic and effective way;
  • you will strengthen yourself in body and mind, increasing your confidence;
  • you will learn how to unlock your body’s full movement potential.

What to expect

At the Bujinkan Shizen Dojo in Histon you can learn the 900 year old Japanese martial art traditions and techniques of Dr Masaaki Hatsumi’s Bujinkan Dojo. Whether you are interested in getting fit, learning self-defence, personal development or studying unarmed and armed techniques, instructor and dojo founder, Pantelis (Alkis) Lekakis will support you.

Beginners and advanced students are welcome – you will learn at your own pace and intensity. You don’t even need to be particularly fit. Training varies each session but will include stretches and warm-up exercises; practicing safe falling and rolling; armed/unarmed techniques; and a cool-down.

More information

Classes are for age 18+ and are held on Wednesday evenings (7.30-9pm).

Before coming to the class for the first time, please contact Pantelis via email or Whatsapp. You will be given registration documentation should you wish to continue after your free first session.

Wear comfortable gym or sports clothing, no special equipment or clothing is required (you may want to buy a keikogi suit from Pantelis in due course). Bring water too.

There are toilets and a kitchen in the St Andrew’s Centre and there should be plenty of free parking around the area when the class is held. There is also a bus stop just across from the St Andrew’s Centre (bus number 8) with direct links to Cambridge city centre.


The first class is free.

There is a £10 (£5 for students) fee per class or £35 (£20 for students) a month. Registration to the club is free and students get full insurance coverage included.

How to contact

Where to go

Saint Andrew's Centre
School Hill
CB24 9JE

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