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Let’s Run Girls is on a mission to inspire women to lead healthier, happier and more connected lives by supporting them to get active through free social running and walking groups.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • running and walking are great activities for cardiovascular and bone health;
  • getting active in a group setting gives you the chance to connect with others, meet new people and make lifelong friends;
  • being outdoors gives you a real mood boost – you’ll always feel better for coming along to a session.

“This group has helped immensely with my mental health, also improving my self-esteem and confidence.”

“Let’s Run Girls has been a mental and physical saver for me and I’ve made some lovely friends.”

What to expect

Let’s Run Girls supports women to start running and to stay running. If you’re new to running or maybe you’ve had a long break from it, it’s recommended you check out the beginners programmes which are run a few times a year. These programmes last between 10 – 12 weeks and you will gradually build up the time you spend running and reduce the time you spend walking. In week 1, the longest chunk of solid running you will do is 60 seconds and by the end of the programme, you’ll run for 30 minutes without stopping! From that point, you’ll be in a great position to join other runs.

All run sessions are free to join and are made possible by an amazing team of volunteer run leaders, many of whom are graduates of the beginners programme themselves. They appreciate that it’s not easy to get started but are really passionate about supporting women to get into running.

There are also Power Walking groups in a few locations (Chesterton, Sawston and Newmarket) which is a good option for those looking for a cardiovascular workout without the impact of running.

More information

To find out when and where sessions take place, visit the website.

Each location has its own page on the website and you’ll find links to book onto runs. It’s free to join, but you need to register in advance so run leaders know who to expect. You’ll also find contact details on each group’s page so if you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out to the team.

In terms of clothing, clothes and trainers you are comfortable running in and thin layers are best. You will get warm running and it’s good to be able to take off or add thin layers. In the darker months, you’ll need to wear high-viz or reflective clothing for your safety and if possible, bring some kind of light – a running light, or head torch is great and bike lights also work well. You may want to bring some water with you.


If you’d like to be a Let’s Run Girls group leader or set up a group in your village, there’s information on the website.

Let’s Run Girls is free.

How to contact

Social media

Where to go

Cottenham Recreation Ground
Lambs Lane
CB24 8TB

Fen Drayton Village Hall
Cootes Lane
Fen Drayton
Cambridge CB24 4SL

Community Centre
Coles Road
Cambridge CB24 6WR

The Greyhound Traditional Pub & Restaurant
High Street
Cambridge CB22 3BG

Waterbeach Village Green
CB25 9HP

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