Mindful Movement for Women’s Wellbeing

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These weekly classes in Northstowe combine flowing QiGong movements, meditation and acupressure. They are particularly aimed at women experiencing hormonal imbalance, menopause & period pain.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • mindful movement for improves vitality, relaxation, and wellbeing;
  • it improves balance, strength and flexibility;
  • it’s a great way to feel more grounded and relaxed.

“Fantastic QiGong and meditation classes!!! By a lovely lady. I’ve been and felt amazing afterwards. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Ruth takes you through some QiGong exercises:

What to expect

Led by Ruth, these calming exercise classes help women feel more relaxed and in tune with their bodies. They combine the flowing movements of QiGong (similar to Tai Chi and pronounced Chi Gong) alongside breathing, meditation and acupressure. Classes start with warm up exercises and then you’ll be shown, step-by-step, short sequences of movements that support good posture, balance and flexibility. There is also guided meditation and breathing exercises. QiGong exercises are from standing but you’ll be seated on the floor for the meditation.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat footwear (trainers or non-slip socks with grips are ideal), and bring water too. You may also want to bring your own yoga mat.

More information

Classes are every Thursday from 4-5pm at Northstowe Tap & Social. Call or email Ruth to book your place or to ask any questions.

There are stairs up to the exercise room these classes aren’t suitable for anyone with mobility issues.

There’s free parking onsite or at the Longstanton Park & Ride nearby or you can get the bus (nearest bus stop if Longstanton Park & Ride).

There’s a charge per session (contact Ruth for details) and you can either pay in advance for a block of sessions or pay in cash on the day.

How to contact

Where to go

Northstowe Tap & Social
Unit 2
The Mount
Station Rd
Cambridge CB24 3DS

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