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If you'd like to look after an allotment, volunteer in a community orchard or donate to a foodbank in Sawston, John Huntingdon's Charity is the place to go.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • physical exercise can make you stronger, healthier and happier – and gardening is great physical exercise;
  • volunteering in the community orchard will help you meet people from your local community in a shared outdoor space;
  • regularly getting outside has been proven to reduce stress levels.

“Pottering about in the allotment, watching things grow and chatting to other gardeners is a constant source of pleasure. I also appreciate being able to grow my own fruit and veg.” Rebecca, allotment enthusiast

What to expect

JHC’s allotments are located in Mill Lane, Sawston. There are currently over 60 plots but, with the popularity of allotment-keeping on the rise, demand is increasing so there may be a waiting list. Residents of Sawston will be given priority.

The community orchard was planted in 2012 and is flourishing.  There are always jobs to be done so any offers of help will be gratefully received.

If you’d like to donate food to the foodbank to help local people facing financial hardship, you can drop off non-perishable items to the JHC office.

John Huntingdon’s Charity helps people in and around Sawston in a variety of ways, find out more here.

More information

If you would like to join the community orchard’s team of volunteers, or if you are interested in having your own allotment, contact Trudy on [email protected]

Volunteering at the orchard and donating to the foodbank is free.

Having your own allotment has a small annual cost.

How to contact

Where to go

John Huntingdon’s Charity
John Huntingdon Centre
189 High Street
CB22 3HJ

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