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Inclusive and interactive live weekly music sessions in Histon for parents and young children (age 0 to 5). After singing, dancing and interacting together by the end of each session you'll both be feeling great!

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • singing lifts your mood, lowers blood pressure, alleviates symptoms of post-natal depression and is a proven stress-buster;
  • being part of a friendly, non-judgemental community, with a common goal of singing or dancing together helps you live in the moment and connect with others;
  • you’ll learn lots of songs – some familiar and some new – to sing with your child at home, helping you bond, have fun and feel close.

“We love having a good old sing and dance, it’s fantastic to hear Beth’s squeals of delight and  watch her enjoying the music. I always come away feeling that those 45 minutes have been truly great for my soul and hers!”

“Shake, Rattle and Roll is the highlight of my week. It’s where I can meet new people and make friendships. It is such a treat to have live instruments. There is something for the parents and children alike – the music selection is absolutely  feel-good. My son sings the songs all week!”


Shake, Rattle and Roll perform the ‘Let’s Tidy Up’ song:

What to expect

Aimed at 0 to 5 year olds and their grown-ups, Shake, Rattle and Roll’s musicians will take you and your child(ren) through a selection of songs, encouraging everyone to play along with shakers and drums, or dance with pom-poms, scarves, parachutes or even giant scrunchies. Each weekly session is different and there is often singing in other languages. Lasting 45 minutes, there is no pressure or expectation on the children to join in, but instead the focus is on encouraging the grown-ups to take part, which puts the children at ease and helps them to enjoy the session too.

Shake, Rattle and Roll provide a band of up to five musicians playing live instruments including cello, guitar, ukulele, accordion, violin, flute, trumpet, cajon (drum) or clarinet. It can get noisy but the sound is good!

More information

No-one needs any previous singing or musical experience, just a willingness to get involved – the emphasis is on having fun and singing together, not a polished performance.

Find out more and book the weekly session you’d like to attend on the website.

There is ample free parking at the venue – if possible leave buggies outside. There is good access for wheelchair users as well as nappy changing facilities.

Shake, Rattle and Roll can also provide entertainment at your party or event – more information here.

There is a cost to attending sessions but you can watch Shake, Rattle and Roll videos on YouTube for free or listen to them via music streaming services.

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How to contact

Where to go

Cambridgeshire Music Centre
New School Road
Cambridge CB24 9LL

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