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The University of Cambridge's Institute of Continuing Education provides accessible, flexible and meaningful education to adults throughout their lives. It offers a programme of over 250 part-time & short courses across a wide variety of subjects, delivered in a range of formats.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • it develops skills for life and employment;
  • summer schools and residential courses are an excellent way to meet new people;
  • learning builds confidence and resilience.

“Beginning with baby steps – a couple of weekend courses and then a longer one online – ICE has allowed me to work up to studying for an MSt in a subject (creative writing) completely different to the one I first studied at university, whilst also affording me the freedom to continue working as a doctor in the NHS.” – Munib Haroon

The Summer Programme at ICE:


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Whether you are thinking about studying for a qualification to enhance your professional development, have dreamt of being a student at the University of Cambridge, or just love learning, the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) has a huge range of part-time and short courses to suit all interests and abilities.

If you enjoy learning with others, there are residential weekend courses at Madingley Hall or a summer programme that allows you to stay at one of the  University of Cambridge’s Colleges. Or if you live nearby, you can just attend the lectures and seminars, as well as meet other learners over meals.

There is also a wide variety of online courses, covering a huge range of disciplines and subject areas.

Courses are led by academics from the University of Cambridge and other invited experts, all of whom are on ICE’s tutor panel. All of ICE’s tutors are committed to continuing education, and are selected for their accessible and inclusive teaching styles.

All accommodation and teaching spaces are wheelchair accessible.

If you are unsure if learning at ICE is for you, or which course to select, email the enquiries team – they’d be  delighted to help you. Or you can read testimonials from current and past students here.

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Courses at ICE cost a fee, but there are bursaries, loans and allowances available for people on low incomes or who have disabilities. Find out more here.

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