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WalkTalkWalk has been set up to help people come together for a weekly walk and at the same time feel in a safe space to talk about their mental health and wellbeing. Sessions are free to attend in Sawston and Linton.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • it’s a safe space to talk about mental health & wellbeing;
  • it’s a great chance to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • enjoy some exercise with like minded people.

 “I had the fear that I would be too slow or too much of a hindrance, or it will be too awkward.  I’m glad I was disproven on all accounts, the group is fabulous, everyone is extremely friendly.  There is no competitiveness, but rather a spirit of collaboration and achieving a goal together.  It’s heart-warming really, to meet people and socialise and be at the same time comfortable and enjoying one’s time.” Run Talk Run Attendee

What to expect

Walk Talk Walk is a weekly walk. Before every meet there is a window of time to meet the other participants and say hello to the group leader.

It’s OK if you’re a little anxious and quiet. The leader will then explain the logistics of the route (reminding the group that there is no pressure to “keep up”), and that at the forefront of our meetups is support… this really is a safe space to talk about how you’re really doing.

Current groups include:

Walk/Talk/Walk Sawston on Monday mornings at 10.00am meeting at Footprints Cafe, Sawston Free Church, High Street, Sawston,  CB22 3BG

Walk Talk Walk Sawston – Run Talk Run – East of England – Heylo

Walk/Talk/Walk Linton on Friday mornings at 10.30am meeting at Crown Public House, High Street, Linton, CB21 4HS

Walk Talk Walk Linton – Run Talk Run – East of England – Heylo

More information

You will need to sign up prior to attending. Please sign up through Heylo https://www.heylo.co/ and then under Discover Groups search for “Run Talk Run – East of England”

You’ll need to wear suitable clothing and trainers as well as some reflective clothing if it is dark.

Most meeting places are selected where parking and toilets are available.

Sessions are free to attend.

How to contact

Where to go

Crown Inn
High Street
Cambridge CB21 4HS

Footprints Cafe
Sawston Free Church
High Street
CB22 3BG

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