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Cow Hollow Wood is a small, peaceful wood close to the River Cam just outside of Waterbeach. It has footpaths and benches so is ideal for a short walks or spending time in nature.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • getting outside is a good de-stresser;
  • walking is a a gentle but effective way to get daily exercise;
  • children and dogs enjoy exploring the wood but it isn’t so big that they will get lost.

“I love walking in Cow Hollow, it’s so peaceful, it’s been incredible watching it getting established over the last two decades.”

“My kids love going to the woods because it’s good for hide & seek plus in the winter when the undergrowth dies back they build dens amongst the trees.”

What to expect

Cow Hollow Wood was created in 2000 with the help of funding from The Woodland Trust and is named after the land it occupies, which was once occupied by grazing cattle. The wood incorporates a variety of native plants to create habitats for a range of wildlife. There are benches dotted around the site so you can sit down and take a break, or even use them for a picnic.

The wood has a good network of footpaths and is easy to navigate your way around as it isn’t huge. It can get muddy in wetter periods so wear appropriate footwear.

Well behaved dogs are welcome.

More information

Cow Hollow Wood is just off the River Cam towpath; turn left before the path slopes up to Clayhithe Bridge. If you have come from Waterbeach village or the train station there is an entrance either from the station carpark or a little further along the footpath towards the river.

There are bike racks at two of the three entrances.  Cow Hollow does not have any toilet facilities.

Cow Hollow Wood is supported by the Woodland Trust.

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Visiting Cow Hollow Wood is free but donations to the Woodland Trust are welcome.

How to contact

Where to go

Cow Hollow Wood
CB25 9HZ

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