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Yoga at the Barn is a friendly, community-spirited space that offers approachable and accessible yoga and movement classes for all ages and abilities in the village of Bourn, South Cambridgeshire.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • gentle movement practices like yoga develop strength, flexibility, joint suppleness, mobility and ease/relaxation;
  • yoga helps balance the nervous system – helping you rest, recharge, breathe and connect;
  • becoming more aware of how your body moves and feels, you can make better lifestyle choices to support your health in general.

“I am a 75 year old who has been enjoying Yoga at the Barn for four years. The studio, situated in an historic farm complex, is a great place to do yoga. Natural, peaceful, altogether a wonderful movement experience.”- Jennifer

How to contact

Where to go

Yoga at the Barn
14 Alms Hill
Cambridge CB23 2SH

What to expect

Yoga at the Barn is a community space offering yoga and movement classes, workshops, events and retreats in the beautiful rural setting of Manor Farm in Bourn. Ashley, the founder of Yoga at the Barn, has created a space that is inclusive, accessible and very welcoming. Whatever your age, experience or ability, you can explore movement and yoga with Ashley and her team.

Classes are both online and in-person – there are even one-to-one classes if you are trying yoga for the first time or are returning after a break and want to refresh your practice.

Yoga classes include:

  • Open Yoga – for beginners and those who enjoy a flowing and gentle practice.
  • Yoga Gently – this class offers a blend of restorative postures, gentle movement, breath awareness and guided meditation.
  • Restorative By Candlelight – a deeply relaxing evening class designed to soothe stress.
  • Pregnancy Yoga –  a safe practice that will help you find space in both body and mind to prepare for labour.

Movement classes include:

  • Somatic Movement.
  • Mindful Strength Workshops.
  • Movement for Back Care Workshops.
  • Postnatal Pilates – a class to support new mums in gaining strength and support postnatally.

To find out about these and other classes, visit the website.

More information

As well as being a qualified yoga instructor, Ashley is a trauma specialist and is planning to deliver group classes to veterans as well as for survivors of sexual violence/trauma. You can find out more about this aspect of Ashley’s work here.

If you have any queries, Ashleigh is always happy to be contacted by email.

Class costs and booking information is on the website.


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