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Dhiverse is a registered charity that provide high quality sexual health and HIV support, education and information for all. They offer a range of support & training for people living in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire. Dhiverse aim to be inclusive, caring and non-judgmental.

Services at Dhiverse


Dhiverse offer both free and charged personalised therapeutic counselling for adults, plus for children and young people aged 9 upwards, where there are issues relating sexualised behaviours, sexual health, HIV, sexual relationships, sexual trauma, gender identity, and sexual orientation affecting their mental health and wellbeing.

Counsellors are registered with a professional body and are Level 4 or above qualified, or working towards this if they are a volunteer.

They can offer up to 12 sessions per individual or couple, and sessions take place in a safe, confidential, and relaxed environment or online.

To make an appointment or to discuss a referral to their free counselling service, please email [email protected]. Or visit their website by clicking here. 


Dhiverse offer a range of training for workplaces and professionals:

  • An Introduction to Sexual Consent
  • Let’s Explore Sexual Consent
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Let’s Talk About Relationships
  • Talking to Young People about Relationships and Sex – a workshop for teaching staff and other professionals
  • ‘Talk the Talk’ – talking to people who have a learning disability or autism about relationships and sex
  • ‘Talk the Talk’ (Secondary) – a workshop for parents of SECONDARY school children/young people.
  • ‘Talk the Talk’ (Primary) – a workshop for parents of PRIMARY school children.
  • A Whistle-stop Tour of Sexual Health
  • HIV – The Facts
  • Talks/Presentations – they can deliver a talk or presentation on any of the above topics (minimum 1 hour)

Please contact Dhiverse for more information and how to book here.

ABC Project

ABC stands for Awareness, Balance, and Choice. The project supports both people aged 11 upwards who have a learning disability (LD) or autism (A), and their parents and professionals. Dhiverse aims for inclusivity and equality in everything they do, and they want everyone to have the opportunity to be equipped to make informed choices and decisions around sexual health, consensual and pleasurable sexual activity, healthy relationships and personal safety.

The ‘ABC Programme’ is a short-term educational, age and ability appropriate programme for anyone aged 11 upwards who has a LD or A and would like support around sexual health, sexual and intimate relationships, online safety, and potential risky sexual behaviours.

The ‘Understanding ABC’ workshop aims to help parents, carers and professionals to understand the ABC Programme and to explore the relationship and sexual needs of people with a LD or A.

For more information on any aspect of the ABC Project, to check availability or to make a booking please contact Liz MacKenzie, ABC Project Manager on 07985 447846 or at [email protected]. You can find more info by clicking here.

SLIP Programe

SLIP (Sex, the Law, Internet, and Porn) is a short-term educational and age-appropriate programme for young people aged 9-24 who have engaged in risky or potentially harmful sexual behaviour. The programme aims to support participants to understand the impact of the behaviours and attitudes they’re displaying. The topics are delivered in an informal, interactive, creative, and accessible way, usually over 7 sessions.

SLIP is free of charge for young people who live in Cambridgeshire or Peterborough. For more information click here.

Dhiverse have some services for free.

Some services and training come at a cost. Please contact Dhiverse for full details.

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