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Making Space is a charity that provides support to carers who are themselves supporting someone between the ages of 18 – 65 who has a mental health condition.

Steph introduces Making Space:


Making Space is a carer-led organisation, and it puts carers’ needs first. By doing this Making Space is also supporting the person that the carer is looking after.

If you care for someone under the age of 65, you can self-refer to Making Space (give them a call or email them & they’ll be in touch), or you can ask a professional (for example, your GP or social worker) to refer you.

Services and support are not time-limited and what is offered is tailored to suit your needs.

Services include:

  • One-to-one support with a named support worker, allowing you to build a relationship with them without the need to keep repeating your story.
  • Carer-led groups, coffee mornings and information sessions.
  • Identifying services you and the person you care for may need and signposting to other services, organisations and charities.
  • Information on mental health conditions.
  • Carer support to relatives of people with young onset dementia (under 65’s).
  • Liaison with other professionals on your behalf, with your permission.

Services & support from Making Space are free.


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Available throughout South Cambridgeshire District

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