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People who might find it difficult to communicate with the police because of a disability can sign up for the Pegasus Scheme to save time when they need assistance from the police or other participating emergency services.



If you think you may struggle to communicate in an emergency, you can pre-register information with Cambridgeshire Constabulary such as your name, address, and trusted person or organisation, so that the police can access your information quickly if you call them. You then won’t need to repeat all your details.

Once registered you’ll be issued with a card and a personal identification number (PIN).

When you call the police you can say ‘Pegasus’ and your PIN and they can access your details right away, which will save time so you can tell them why you need their help.

You can also show your card to a police officer, member of police staff, or other emergency services staff if you need assistance in person and they’ll know you may need extra help and support.

You can change or update your details at any time.

If you agree, the police can share your Pegasus information with other participating emergency services (fire, ambulance) and local authorities.

You can register by contact visit the Cambridgeshire Constabulary website or clicking here.


The scheme is free.

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Available Throughout South Cambridgeshire District

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