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The Fenner family started up the Foundation to help other families, like theirs, who have long term stays in hospital with complex needs children. They can help with emotional and financial support and signposting across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

Doing a nearly year-long stay at a hospital with their ill son Fergus, and going through 3 intensive care stays, the Fenner family found it very difficult and expensive having family split apart for months on end, with one parent at the hospital with the child and the other at home trying to keep some stability. So they decided to set up a charity to help other parents in similar situations.

What to expect

Members of the Foundation are here to talk through parents’ and guardians’ experiences and offer a support network of parents who have been through similar experiences. They can also signpost and offer financial support where needed. For example, some hospitals do not feed parents who are in long stay and must fend for themselves, which is very expensive. The Foundation can assist with that.

They also know the strain of families being kept apart for months on end due to distance. The Foundation can offer a short break near the hospital for the family to have that stability and togetherness.

Everything is free of charge.

How to contact

Where to go

Available Throughout South Cambridgeshire District

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