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The Group Therapy Centre offers group-psychological treatment services to people in Cambridgeshire experiencing emotional and mental health worries. You can refer yourself or seek a referral from a professional such as as GP.

What to expect

Following referral, you’ll be offered an initial consultation where your needs and wants can be discussed in order that you can be offered the most suitable course of therapy. Once assigned a place, you’ll be given dates for sessions of an hour and a half, weekly, which will take place in person. The number of weeks will depend on the type of therapy recommended.

Sessions take place in small groups where people are able to work together under a therapist’s guidance to tackle problems with a view to making positive changes. There is strict confidentiality around anything participants choose to share and the culture is one of support, safety and collaboration. At your first session there will be an opportunity to introduce yourself and share whatever you feel able to. There isn’t pressure to disclose your challenges but the understanding is that group members will need to be participative and therefore some level of openness is expected as sessions progress.

There is a useful FAQ page on the website with more information.

More information

The Group Therapy Centre provides short-term Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) groups which run for ten weeks. It also runs longer-term analytical and psychotherapy based groups to look at more deep-seated difficulties. Group leaders are all qualified  and can help with difficulties including but not limited to depression, anxiety, relationship problems, complex trauma. You can find out more about the different types of therapy offered here.

Because The Group Therapy Centre is a small, not-for-profit organisation, waiting times vary from just a few weeks to a little longer, but you’ll be supported through the process from initial assessment to joining a group.

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Your initial assessment is free. Short-term CBT groups are free of charge.

For long-term groups, group members are asked to make a contribution towards their therapy, according to what they can afford. There are concessions for those on low incomes or who are in receipt of benefits.

How to contact

Where to go

The Group Therapy Centre
St Columbas Halls
3 Downing Place

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