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Qigong is an ancient form of exercise from China and is often described as 'moving meditation'. These mindful and relaxing classes are suitable for beginners and are held in person at PAUS in Bourn as well as live online.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • qigong helps reduce stiffness and improves balance and flexibility;
  • regular practice helps to develop a calm and relaxed state of mind;
  • qigong relieves stress and anxiety and boosts energy – at the end of the class you feel great!

“I always come away feeling better – more at ease and ready for the day!”

What to expect

In this introductory qigong course you will learn the first set of the ‘Shibashi 18’ form – a set of movements suitable for complete beginners, including people with limited mobility. As you practice, you will improve your posture and also learn to breathe, meditate and relax.

Qigong enhances flexibility, balance, muscular strength and has a positive impact on the respiratory system. The meditative elements increase self-awareness, emotional regulation and relaxation.

More information

Alex Murdoch is a mindfulness teacher and coach with many years of experience. She is fully trained and insured. Her classes are supportive and small, and you will get her full attention as you learn the movements.

Classes take place live online as well as at in-person at PAUS. PAUS offers free parking, changing rooms and a bistro where you can buy meals and refreshments – find out more here.

Booking is essential as spaces are limited, if you’d like to attend a live online class, email Alex or you can book in person classes here.

Alex also runs online mindfulness sessions – to help you breath, relax and de-stress. Find out more and book here.


Courses and classes do have a fee – see booking information above for details.

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