YogaStrong with Lucy – 30 Days of Connection

YogaStrong with Lucy – 30 Days of Connection

Lucy Hibben of YogaStrong created a 30 day programme for Red January back in 2020, with a daily session of yoga, mediatation or breathwork. It is an excellent introduction to yoga, at any time of year!

Introduction from Lucy.
Day 1: A short and sweet mediation
Day 2: Gratitude. Let’s count our blessings intead of our breath.
Day 3: A mini flow and meditation focused on self growth
Day 4: Nadi shodhana or alternate nostil breathing. A short and sweet introduction to this pranayama technique which will help calm your nervous system, energise and balance you.
Day 5: Let’s flow with compassion, kindness and love.
Day 6: A guided meditation to cultivate compassion

Find the rest of Lucy’s 30 Days of Connection on her YouTube Channel here.

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