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Nicola is a specialist in women's health, fitness and wellbeing, She runs BuggyBootcamp exercise classes focusing on pregnancy and postnatal health and fitness, the Athena Project for menopause support, and a range of other fitness classes, from CrossFit to outdoor bootcamp.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • classes offer fitness and fun, and there are options for both in-person and online sessions;
  • Nicola adapts sessions to meet individual needs, so everyone is supported whatever their current level of fitness;
  • Nicola is part of Cognitive Sports Therapy, with a particular expertise in using exercise to support mental wellbeing.

“I’ve just completed my first term. I was anxious when I started as I have never attended this type of group before, combining cardio and strength exercises and outdoors. I shouldn’t have been. Nicola modifies all of the exercises so you can participate whatever level of fitness you currently have. The group is so friendly, we all have a laugh while exercising and I found I quickly stopped being self-conscious about being outside and love it.”

Nicola has been a qualified fitness coach since 2008 and has taken further accreditation and qualifications in many areas, including pregnancy and postnatal health and fitness, the health and fitness requirements for midlife women approaching and going through menopause. Nicola is also a qualified CrossFit strength coach. As one of the co-founders of Cognitive Sports Therapy, Nicola has completed Mental Health Training with Dr Claire Gillvray.

Please contact Nicola directly for class costs. She offers:

  • pre and postnatal fitness classes (BuggyBootcamp)
  • classes for pre and post menopausal women (Athena Project)
  • CrossFit coaching
  • 1-2-1 coaching
  • outdoor exercise classes for all age groups and stages of life – men and women welcome

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